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Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet PodcastPosted by Mike on 13 December 2017

Digital Marketing and the GDPR: Target Internet Podcast Read more

Questions you need to ask your DPOPosted by Mike on 13 December 2017

Questions you need to ask your DPO Read more

Destination GDPR - how did we arrive here? Posted by Mike on 13 December 2017

Destination GDPR - how did we arrive here? Read more

Got Data? Panic and Run - What does the GDPR mean for HR?Posted by Mike on 15 October 2017

Got Data? Panic and Run - What does the GDPR mean for HR? Read more

Data breaches in the financial sector – what constitutes a breach and when do you need to report it?Posted by Mike on 13 October 2017

Data breaches in the financial sector – what constitutes a breach and when do you need to report it? Read more

Quick guide: How do you notify the Supervisory Authority (SA) of a breach?Posted by John on 13 October 2017

Quick guide: How do you notify the Supervisory Authority (SA) of a breach? Read more

The penny is dropping in the financial sector, but more needs to be done to ensure GDPR compliance Posted by John on 07 September 2017

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, it is expected to have a significant effect on the financial sector, which processes billions of data transactions and financial records annually. Read more

Healthcare sector requires a full ‘data medical’ to ensure GDPR compliance Posted by John on 07 September 2017

It’s not just IT which makes patients and patient organisations vulnerable. Read more

Sytorus forms Strategic Partnership with leading Business Change & Project Management Consultancy, CasseoPosted by Mike on 28 August 2017

Sytorus has formed a strategic partnership with Casseo, a leading business change and project management consultancy company, to provide a complete end-to-end General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) solution to financial services clients. Read more

GDPR Checklist - An Overview of the Steps Towards CompliancePosted by Mike on 23 August 2017

The toughest data privacy law in European business history - the GDPR - comes into effect in May 2018, so you and your company can’t afford to delay your GDPR readiness plans and compliance initiatives. Read more

Safeguard the goodwill of donors through GDPR compliancePosted by Mike on 06 July 2017

If you work in the third sector, you're probably aware that on 25 May, 2018 the toughest privacy law in European business history - the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - comes into effect. There has been a great deal of misinformation published online about how certain aspects of the GDPR will - and importantly won't - affect not for profit organisations, but charities have to comply with the new data legislation just as businesses will. Read more

Can data processors benefit from the GDPR? Posted by Mike on 16 June 2017

In just under a year, the toughest privacy law in European business history - the GDPR - will come into effect. Impacting the systems and practices that are core to effective and compliant data processing, it’s easy to feel your heart sink at the prospect of this forthcoming change in legislation. But, don’t overlook the opportunities that are also presented by this change. By getting your GDPR house in order, you can drive competitive advantage. Read more

The clock is ticking towards the GDPRPosted by Hugh on 25 May 2017

By now, you will probably have heard through the news, the media or your service providers that today marks the one-year milestone to the arrival into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more

Ransomware – the attack of the commercial hackerPosted by Hugh on 16 May 2017

The weekend's headlines were full of news of the most recent, and audacious attack on the data and operations of the UK NHS, among others. Databases were locked down and encrypted by malicious software, and accompanied by a demand for €300 worth of Bitcoin in return for re-instating access to the data. Read more

Data Protection Commissioner - Annual ReportPosted by John on 11 April 2017

The Office of the DPC has issued its Annual Report for 2016 Read more

The Commercial Context of Privacy CompliancePosted by John on 20 January 2017

We assess how the processing of personal data by organisations, for their legitimate, commercial purposes, is the key focus of Data Protection legislation Read more

Santa and the GDPRPosted by Hugh on 21 December 2016

One of the most notorious data profilers in the world has just 18 months to get his act together, ahead of the GDPR coming on-stream. Read more

E-Privacy Directive 2018 - UpdatePosted by John on 13 December 2016

The latest draft of the forthcoming EU e-Privacy Directive has been leaked... Read more

Game-changer re dynamic IP address!Posted by Hugh on 26 October 2016

Big news last week, when the CJEU determined that dynamic IP addresses could be designated as personal data - including the conclusion that Service Providers who hold information on the users behind such addresses may now be obliged to disclose that information. Read a more detailed article from the good people at Hunton & Williams here: Read more

A brief article on the future of data protectionPosted by John on 16 August 2016

In this article we quickly look at how existing and future technologies will impact how companies process personal data. Read more

Privacy Shield Doomed to Fail?Posted by John on 12 July 2016

Max Schrems, the Austrian privacy campaigner, has stated that the newly-passed Privacy Shield will likely fail Read more

Privacy Shield agreement to be reached this weekPosted by John on 05 July 2016

The EU looks set to approve the much-delayed Privacy Shield agreement after several months of controversy and negotiation Read more

Two Prosecutions by the Data Protection Commissioner in Two WeeksPosted by John on 16 June 2016

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner this week successfully prosecuted a private investigator for breaches of Data Protection legislation. Read more

New developments in the Schrems v Facebook CasePosted by John on 15 June 2016

The United States Government and IBEC have asked to be joined as parties in the Irish High Court case between privacy activist Max Schrems and Facebook Read more

ODPC refers Facebook data sharing arrangements to the European Court of JusticePosted by John on 01 June 2016

The Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has referred the validity of Facebook's model contract agreements to the CJEU for definitive clarification Read more

EU-US “Privacy Shield” for data transfers: MEPs call for further improvements to be implementedPosted by John on 26 May 2016

Update from today's sitting of the European Parliament Read more

Does your organisation need a Data Protection Officer?Posted by John on 11 May 2016

A recent survey has revealed that 28,000 Data Protection Officers will be required accross Europe when the GDPR becomes law Read more

Preparing for the Individual Health Identifier (IHI)Posted by John on 04 May 2016

A recent event in Dun Laoghaire provided valuable insights regarding the proposed new Individual Health Identifier (IHI) being rolled out by the Health Services Executive.... Read more

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is set to be finalised this weekPosted by John on 12 April 2016

The GDPR is to be signed into law by the European Parliament this week Read more

The Panama Papers: The right to freedom of information vs the right to information privacyPosted by John on 04 April 2016

Analysis from a DP perspective Read more

The iPhone Privacy DilemmaPosted by John on 03 March 2016

Apple's fight to retain control over the encryption of the iPhone comes to a head this month Read more

Update on Privacy ShieldPosted by Hugh on 01 March 2016

On a date normally reserved, every four years, for surprise and impromptu proposals, the EU and US negotiating teams have published the text of the proposal to replace Safe Harbor - the Privacy Shield. Its key elements are outlined below Read more

Article 29 Working Party Work Programme 2016 - 2018Posted by John on 15 February 2016

As the General Data Protection Regulation is close to adoption, the Article 29 Working Party must develop guidelines, tools and procedures to allow the new legal framework to be effective for the first semester of 2018. Read more

DP Risk and Company Acquisition Posted by John on 10 February 2016

When acquiring a new company it is important to very quickly get an understanding of what risk you are taking on from a DP perspective. While the ideal scenario would be to complete a full assessment, very often there is a need to issue a couple of question to understand at a very high level what the DP practices are in the target company. Read more

Europe & US agree ‘Privacy Shield’ Data Transfer Deal to Replace Safe Harbor AgreementPosted by John on 03 February 2016

The new ‘Privacy Shield’ will replace the Safe Harbor agreement Read more

Privacy Shield - Safe Harbor Mark IIPosted by Hugh on 03 February 2016

Following the striking down of Safe Harbor in October, the respective authorities on both sides of the Atlantic have been trying to negotiate a replacement scheme. Yesterday, the key principles of this new arrangement, titled the Privacy Shield, were published. Read more

International Data Protection Day - 28th JanuaryPosted by John on 28 January 2016

Today, Thursday January 28, is dedicated to promoting awareness of personal privacy and effective data protection practice Read more

Safe Harbor Negotiations UpdatePosted by Mike on 27 January 2016

The latest news on the Safe Harbor negotiations between the EU and the US. Read more

Administrative Penalties incurring fines of up to €20m or 4% of GATPosted by Hugh on 27 January 2016

Commentators continue to reference the substantial increase in the size of penalties which apply to offences under the GDPR. In this article, we review the list of offences which merit the maximum fines. Read more

Standards and the GDPRPosted by Mike on 26 January 2016

The GDPR makes reference to the use of standards as a mechanism to both embed best practice and to provide external evidence of risk control. But what does this mean and where should you start? Read more

Adiministrative penalties up to €10m under the GDPRPosted by Hugh on 18 January 2016

Much has been made of the administrative fines and penalties being introduced under the new General Data Protection legislation. So we thought it might help to see the list of offences, under the Regulation, which would warrant a penalty of UP TO €10m, or 2% of global annual turnover, whichever amount is the greater. Read more

The GDPR from the perspective of the Data ControllerPosted by Hugh on 18 January 2016

Having recently provided an overview of the key elements of the new General DP Regulation, we are going to provide a series of articles on the implications of the Regulation on the key players in the management of personal data. In this article, we look at the aspects of the Regulation which have impact on the role of the EU-based Data Controller. Read more

The Definitive Summary of the General Data Protection RegulationPosted by Hugh on 12 January 2016

The draft of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has now been signed off by the trilogue of the EU government – the Commission, the Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The Regulation contains many of the key elements which we have already flagged in the past. Overall, the legislation is straightforward, accessible and reflects concerns regarding the increasing threat of intrusion into the private lives of EU citizens. Read more

Dutch Mandate Data Breach Notifications and Larger FinesPosted by Mike on 11 January 2016

The Dutch government brought into affect new legislation which mandates Data Controllers to report on data breaches. In addition the Dutch Data Protection Authority may isue fines up to €820,000. Read more

Data Subject RightsPosted by John on 07 January 2016

A summary of the data subject rights Read more

The wording of the General Data Protection Regulation has finally been agreed Posted by John on 06 January 2016

The wording of the General Data Protection Regulation has finally been agreed and the new law is now certainly set to come into force in Q1 2018 Read more

Current status of Data Transfers to the USPosted by Hugh on 04 January 2016

In light of the demise of Safe Harbor, individual DP Authorities have issued guidelines regarding the management of such data transfers, until such time as a revised arrangement is put in place. Read more

He'd better watch out, he'd better beware!Posted by Hugh on 22 December 2015

A certain resident of the North Pole may need to change his data processing activities in order to comply with the new General Data Protection legislation! Read more

Detail of the new DP RegulationPosted by Hugh on 18 December 2015

The draft of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) appears to be nearing final sign-off, with a last hurdle, approval of the EU Parliament, scheduled for next week. Here are the key challenges for Data Protection compliance contained within the GDPR (in no order of priority) Read more

The top 5 affects of the new General Data Protection RegulationPosted by John on 16 December 2015

What the new laws will mean for Irish businesses Read more

New Directive on CybersecurityPosted by Mike on 15 December 2015

The EU Commission has proposed a new directive for cybersecurity, designed to ensure both nation states and critical infrastructure is protecting itself from the threat of cyber attacks Read more

Bringing your work home with you? What could possibly go wrong..?Posted by John on 09 December 2015

In the U.S. a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley has pleaded guilty to illegally accessing the bank’s computers and taking the information home with him. Read more

The Weltimmo CasePosted by John on 02 December 2015

Another significant decision on Data Protection law from the European Court of Justice Read more

EU and US close to data transfer dealPosted by Mike on 01 December 2015

The European Justice Commissioner, Vera Jourova, has indicated that a replacement deal for Safe Harbor is close to being agreed. Read more

Proposed changes to the law regarding certain processing of sensitive personal dataPosted by John on 25 November 2015

A proposed Bill is seeking to allow the use of a person’s sensitive personal data without obtaining their permission Read more

GDPR- Are the proposed fines too high?Posted by Mike on 25 November 2015

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation is over-hauling the current fines and will introduce more draconian measures. The question is whether these fines are too high and perhaps onerous? Read more

Report: Need for greater employee training in Data Protection standardsPosted by John on 18 November 2015

A global cyber security specialist has released new information that underscores the need for educating employees about security Read more

Facebook in the wars againPosted by John on 10 November 2015

A Belgian court has ruled that Facebook must stop collecting their subscribers’ Internet browsing data when they are not logged in. Read more

Announcing the Data Protection Capability Maturity FrameworkPosted by John on 05 November 2015

Sytorus in partnership with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) have launched the world’s first comprehensive Data Protection Capability Maturity Assessment. Read more

UK Unveils Draft Investigatory Powers BillPosted by John on 05 November 2015

The UK has this week revealed plans for comprehensive new surveillance powers, including the right to find out which websites people visit. Read more

What's next for Safe HarborPosted by Hugh on 02 November 2015

Following the 'Safe Harbor ruling', many of our clients are left wondering – how can we continue to engage with our US service providers and clients? Read more

Agreement on GDPR draws nearPosted by John on 28 October 2015

The European Data Protection Supervisor has confirmed that the trilogue negotiations on the General Data Protection Regulation are reaching conclusion Read more

Guidelines for responding to a Subject Access RequestPosted by Hugh on 28 October 2015

With an increasing number of requests being received by Data Controllers, we hope the attached guidelines help your organisation to respond in a timely fashion Read more

German Data Protection Authorities Suspend BCRs and Question Model ContractsPosted by Mike on 27 October 2015

The Dussledorfer Kries, consisting of the 16 state German data protection authorities have released a Position paper on the recent Safe Harbor ruling. Some of their conclusions are surprising Read more

Introducing the Judicial Redress ActPosted by John on 22 October 2015

Two days ago the House of Representatives approved the Judicial Redress Act of 2015. This act, which still needs to go through the senate, would allow foreigners the right to pursue their privacy rights in the US courts. Read more

Conclusion at the High Court of Schrems v Data Protection CommissionerPosted by John on 21 October 2015

Report from this week's proceedings at the High Court Read more

Safe harbor's demise means data laws are all at seaPosted by Mike on 20 October 2015

The European Court of Justice last Tuesday determined the Safe Harbor agreement between the E.U and the U.S. to be invalid. But what is Safe Harbour, and why should you care? Read more

The PICNIC ProblemPosted by John on 15 October 2015

While much of the attention with respect to breaches focuses on cyber security and hacking, most breaches are in fact a result of staff acting in a deliberate but non-malicious manner. Not necessarily someone hacking the corporate network. From laptops being left on trains to inadvertently emailing thousands of people sensitive information, there are several reports that put human error as the top reason behind data breaches (80%-90%). For this reason the term ‘PICNIC problem’ was created (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). Read more

New European Data Protection DirectivePosted by John on 14 October 2015

In a significant week for Data Protection, Ministers in the EU's Justice Council have agreed on the final draft of the proposed Data Protection Directive for the police and criminal justice sector. Read more

Data Protection and Social MediaPosted by Mike on 13 October 2015

How can companies best protect themselves and their employees around the use of social media? Read more

The proposed function of the Data Protection OfficerPosted by Hugh on 12 October 2015

With so much discussion around the proposed new Regulations, many are wondering about the role of the Data Protection Officer - what will be expected of him or her under the new legislation? Read more

The adequacy criteria.Posted by John on 08 October 2015

So what does adequacy look like? Having a model contract in place is only the first step. There is a general rule that personal data cannot be transferred to third countries unless that country ensures an adequate level of data protection. Read more

Safe Harbour- Political and Regulatory ImpactsPosted by Mike on 07 October 2015

The decision of the ECJ, yesterday, has resulted in a major finding against Safe Harbour. In this article I discuss a number of key political and regulatory impacts which will play out over the next few months. Read more

The Death of Safe HarbourPosted by Mike on 06 October 2015

A landmark decision by the European Court of Justice has found, today, that Safe Harbour, a framework used by thousands of US companies to allow transfer of European citizen data overseas, is invalid. What happens now? Read more

Will every company have to do Privacy Impact Assessments?Posted by John on 01 October 2015

As most of us will now know, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is around the corner. This new regulation comes with some new obligations and increased penalties; one of the new obligations is the potentially mandatory process of completing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA). So who needs to do these, under what conditions and what does a PIA look like Read more

Data Destruction PitfallsPosted by Mike on 30 September 2015

A recent data breach in Ireland where sensitive personal data of patients was found on the side of a road, has once again brought to mind the great risks associated with not properly destroying data at the end of the lifecycle Read more

The Concept and Purpose of Big DataPosted by John on 28 September 2015

The immense amount of data that is expected to be produced in 2015 illustrates how ingrained this reasonably new phenomenon of interaction with the digital form has become in modern society. Read more

Another week another data breachPosted by Ross on 25 September 2015

Last week a Joe Duffy Liveline listener inadvertently stumbled across a major data protection breach by an Irish company. The listener was searching for a friend’s phone number online and discovered a list of over 900 names, addresses, car registration numbers and personal telephone numbers. He was also able to access the holiday calendar for the company, and was able to see who was out sick, who was on compassionate leave and all the employees’ names. Read more

Good data protection practices increases sales by 8%Posted by John on 24 September 2015

Many people view data protection as just compliance and largely ignore the positive impact good data protection practices can have on a company. Why this is the prevalent view is not clear considering that BCG has estimated the value of personal data to be in the region of €1 trillion by 2020. Personal data is after all an asset in its own right, with many people coming to the conclusion that “personal data is the new oil”. Read more

The End of Safe Harbor?Posted by John on 23 September 2015

The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has today stated that the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor process is invalid. Read more

Why PrivacyEngine MattersPosted by Mike on 23 September 2015

We are getting great feedback on our new product. In particular within the SME market in Ireland and abroad. But for those who do not know who we are, in this article we explain why PrivacyEngine matters. Read more

Suggested clauses for the Data Processor contractPosted by Hugh on 21 September 2015

Clients are regularly concerned about the appropriate clauses to include in the Data Processor contract, especially in light of recent penalties for contracts which were found to be 'inadequate'. In this article, we try to offer some guidance! Read more

Substantial Fine For Data ControllerPosted by John on 18 September 2015

A Data Protection Authority has imposed a five figure fine on a Data Controller which failed to specify the necessary security controls protecting personal data in a data processing contract with a Data Processor. Read more

Are CEO’s responsible if there is a breach?Posted by John on 16 September 2015

There are many articles published recently about the recent firing of CEO's due to data breaches. Ashley Madison and Target are obvious examples, but the question remains, is this fair? Does the responsibility for good data protection practices reside with the CEO? Read more

Hacking in the headlines and relevant Irish LawPosted by John on 16 September 2015

This week the man charged with masterminding the largest international data breach ever prosecuted in the United States pleaded guilty in a New Jersey court. We look briefly at the relevant law in Ireland. Read more

Service Providers Beware! New liabilities are around the corner.Posted by Mike on 15 September 2015

the General Data Protection Regulation, anticipated for Q1 2016, will introduce a wide range of new controls and obligations in how personal data of European citizens can be processed. Amongst them is a new approach to shared liability between Data Controllers and Data Processors Read more

Murphy’s Law in the Internet of ThingsPosted by John on 12 September 2015

Murphy’s Law doesn’t always apply but where sensitive personal data is involved it may be a handy proverb to keep in mind. Read more

Concerns over websites and apps aimed at childrenPosted by Ross on 11 September 2015

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) is a group of privacy regulators whose mission is to improve the cooperation in enforcement of cross-border laws affecting privacy. Read more

IVI Autumn Summit 2015 and DP-CheckPointPosted by Mike on 11 September 2015

Next week, from Thursday 17th to Friday 18th September, IVI will host its 2015 Autumn Summit in Carton House near Dublin. Read more

Free Data Protection training videos - now available.Posted by John on 10 September 2015

We have recently updated our online resource, PrivacyEngine, with hours of training videos. These videos which are broken up into digestible short videos cover all the fundamentals of data protection. Read more

The Evolution of Data Protection LawPosted by John on 08 September 2015

The General Data Protection Regulation will harmonise national data protection laws throughout the EU and will significantly improve existing laws governing technological developments. Read more

Data Breaches- A Living NightmarePosted by Mike on 08 September 2015

Have you ever experienced a data breach as a business or as a member of staff? Have you ever wondered what that experience is like? the psychological and mental impact that experiencing an event like this can do to a person? Read more

New Danish Regulations regarding Personnel Data - a lesson for us all Posted by Hugh on 07 September 2015

You will recall that, earlier this year, the Danish government issued 12 guidelines on the appropriate processing of personnel data. Earlier this year, we published the first six of these guidelines as part of an article for our Newsletter. Today, we are publishing a summary of the remaining six obligations. Read more

Profiling & Data ProtectionPosted by Ross on 04 September 2015

In this article we look at “Profiling”, and how the proposed General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will impact on this. We present a brief case study, and discuss how the current legislation and proposed regulations address the practice of profiling. Read more

Exchanging information with a company that is not a data processor? Posted by John on 03 September 2015

Following up on an article we published this week about the importance of data processor contracts, what should you do if you are exchanging personal information with another company that is not a data processor? Read more

Russia’s New Data Localisation LawPosted by John on 02 September 2015

A new law has been enacted this week in Russia which now obligates companies to store within Russia all data collected about Russian citizens. Read more

The Importance of Data Processor ContractsPosted by Mike on 01 September 2015

Data Processor Contracts are mandatory under the Irish Data Protection Acts. but most organisations do not seem to have them in place. Why is this, and why is it important to ensure that, as a business, you are controlling your third parties? Read more

Data Round-upPosted by Hugh on 31 August 2015

As always, it has been a busy time in the Data Protection arena! Here's a brief overview of some of these stories. Read more

Is Spotify asking for too much?Posted by John on 27 August 2015

Spotify made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it unveiled its latest privacy policy last week. Read more

Ashley Madison- Privacy Breach or Adultery Disclosure?Posted by Mike on 24 August 2015

The recent Ashley Madison data breach has brought to public attention a unique moral question around the right to privacy of individuals who are potentially behaving in ways which could have detrimental affects on others. In this article we discuss his unique situation and what, as Data Protection Officers, we should take from it. Read more

The EU GDPR and Irish companiesPosted by John on 20 August 2015

With the impending arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, we take a look at what this means for Irish companies. Read more

Council of Ministers to Decide on Liability for Cloud ProvidersPosted by Mike on 15 June 2015

The Council of Ministers meet on the 15th and 16th June 2015 to finalise on their proposed position to the Trilogue. A key decision lies around the notion of Cloud Providers and liability. Read more

Audi CEO snubs Google partnership on DP concernsPosted by Mike on 10 June 2015

Audi's CEO, Rupert Stadler has recently rejected advances from Google on its self-driving technology, on the basis of his concerns around Google's privacy position. Read more

The General Data Protection Regulation- TimelinesPosted by Mike on 09 June 2015

The next six months are a critical period in the finalising of the General Data Protection Regulation. We discuss the key milestones over these next series of months Read more

Lawful Processing Conditions (Sensitive Personal Data) - Irish ActPosted by John on 08 June 2015

Valid Lawful processing conditions for processing sensitive personal data. Read more

Lawful Processing Conditions (Personal Data) - Irish ActPosted by John on 08 June 2015

Valid Lawful processing conditions for processing personal data. Read more

Revenue & Data ControllersPosted by John on 08 June 2015

Can revenue ask for personal information you hold about customers. Read more

Cyber InsurancePosted by John on 08 June 2015

Over the past few months there has been increased interest in cyber-insurance. This is not surprising considering the increase in the number of data breaches. But what should Cyber insurance cover and who should buy a policy? Read more

Are firms illegally vetting job applicants?Posted by Mike on 08 June 2015

Helen Dixon, the Irish Data Protection Commissioner suspects that firms may be illegally vetting job applicants. Read more

DPC to conduct review of apps and websites targeting childrenPosted by Mike on 05 June 2015

The Data Protection Commissioner, in partnership with the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), is to conduct a review of apps and websites which target children Read more

Buttarelli: No compromise on data protection reformPosted by Mike on 04 June 2015

EU leaders have promised to agree on the General Data Protection Regulation before the end of 2015 Read more

European Commission calls for cloud data protection lawPosted by Mike on 04 June 2015

European Commission calls for cloud data protection law reform Read more

Information Commissioner's Office report on data breach surgePosted by Mike on 04 June 2015

Human error to blame as UK data breach investigations surge Read more

Microsoft on Trustworthy ComputingPosted by John on 27 May 2015

Cyber security Update!: Destructive cyber attacks a business concern, says Microsoft Read more

Executive Order 13694Posted by John on 27 May 2015

Cyber security Update!: Executive Order 13694 Read more

Civil Rights on PrivacyPosted by John on 27 May 2015

Civil rights groups call on the EU Commission to stop undermining privacy Read more

Twitter & DublinPosted by John on 27 May 2015

Twitter moves non-US data to servers in Dublin Read more

French Data Protection Authority Publishes its 2014 Annual ReportPosted by John on 27 May 2015

On April 16, 2015, the French Data Protection Authority (the “CNIL”) published its Annual Activity Report for 2014. Read more

Social NetworkingPosted by John on 27 May 2015

Social Networking- today’s technological toy, tomorrow’s privacy nightmare? Read more

Data Protection and Medical DataPosted by John on 27 May 2015

An overview of processing of personal data within the medical sector. Read more

EircodesPosted by John on 27 May 2015

An overview of the Irish Postcode system, the 'Eircode' Read more

A ‘Starter Kit’ for compliant data managementPosted by John on 27 May 2015

For many of our clients, the most difficult aspect of being Data Protection compliant is deciding “where to start?” The obligations of the DP legislation touch so much of the day-to-day processing of personal data that it can seem an impossible challenge to put an appropriate Data Protection solution in place. Read more